Purrfect weekend

Yes you know, that feeling when it is finally weekend.
After you’ve been patiently waiting for your family to come home from work in five long days.
So it’s finally weekend and familytime I love the weekends when my whole herd is home.
Then it’s time to do something together and I always do my utmost to make them know how much I love them.


Weekend or not, 5:00 is the time to get up also on weekends, I think, we are supposed to enjoy the whole weekend. I take my responsibility seriously even if both parents are quite so lifeless. But repeatedly with paw smack in the face mother will awake, then I can lie on top of her to make sure she does not go back to such lifeless state again.

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Father is happy, he has his eyes closed and purrs as a real pussycat, with a slightly rougher sound than me, sort of. But then mother turns around and I end up lying on my back with her almost over me, almost drowned in covers, scuttling myself forward again. Enough talking, now she gets up, and so do I,stepping back legs firmly under me, so I manage to bounce under the covers in one purrfect tiger jump and put my tiger teeth in her legs, then I know I get rewarded with both sound and action. Followed by loud meows and scratching with tiger claws on the door. When she stands upright on her feet, with the hair like a big mess. . If my fur became that messy it would take a day or more to clean it.

I get a little breakfast before I rush out to the Tigerforest and mother goes to the office.

Today I think I will surprise them with a really great breakfast. I will run to the Tigerforest to find the finest fresh mouse, to serve them. Totally hot and fresh. after all it is weekend, and the father has the Father’s Day weekend and stuff. Then it simply must be mouse party!

-and today 12th November, it is the international Mouse and Rat Day too, Celebrate what celebrated can be!

And luckily I do not have to hunt long before I come across a mouse family on outside for fresh air, and with one leap I have the fattest mouse placed between the teeth. Then just run home, through the cat flap and into the kitchen. The moment I setf laps door into the kitchen, I hear father yelling. mother «Jesper enters with a mouse.» Imagine the Father gathers the whole herd almost before I’m inside. Talk about appreciate prompt delivery of fresh breakfast. Musongeservice far ahead of both Adams foodbox and Well Delivered, in local foods, fast delivery and impeccable quality.


Mother comes scurrying like a mouse … and pats me on the head and say I’m good mouse hunter. I try eating a little, just to check the quality and it is certainly approved and mother is nabbing the remains. how surprisingly quick she was, she’s probably extra hungry. So I just jump out of my flippflappdoor and run away to the Tigerforest in search for another mouse. Mother shall not starve and dad’s got to at least get a taste.

And when my flippflappdoor flapp shut behind my tail, I hear father » another mouse» and the moment mother comes running from her office again. She is probably thinking first man to mouse … for father is not up from the couch before she snatched mice No. 2 well. and she tells me what a talented mouse hunter I am. Djises, I know !

mus5 mus4

And theese stupid mice is in the same place as last time. This is like begging Dreamies from father easypeasy. Easy peasy mouse droppings, so I run back home with new mouse. Mouse No. 2.

So hungry mother is today, Father has not even seen a mice once! next round in the forest mouse hunting! Everybody will get a taste, Jesperpus mouse service, instantly delivered, best quality and freshly made. The mousegang are in the same place, easy to sniff. It does not take long before the first mouse is coming out of his house, and suddenly I have it in my paws.. Vibrantly alive and as fresh as can be, I run home with mouse No. 3. Flappflapp I hear the door shut behind me and dad crying quite loud from the couch. «Moooother here he comes again, the mouse is alive!»

«Dunk thump thump» I hear mother comes running from office on woolsocks its not just silently to meow that way

I am breathless on the kitchen floor with the mouse safely placed in front of my tiger paw

I growl a bit at mother, now she gets hungry, but she must control herself a bit while she pats me on the head cozy and muttering that «your fucking mousecather, now its enough,» can not spend all day in the mouse catch! # * #% & ^ # «. While again nabbing the mouse under my nose and run away again. I growl loudly, while I throw one tiger paw at her. But she darts off like a mouse with a mouse. the dad then, He has not once been given a single mouse breakfast I’ve come home with, poor father who is starving at the couch.

So while mother disappeared with musesteak nr 2 on the list I once again go out for mouse hunt.

And when I come to the mouse house, so sure are the mice outside their house again, so I sneak with noiseless feet on snow. Vips, one tiger leap forward and mouse in box, or my mouth then. Satisfied mouse hunter chugging homeward, but how can I get away from mother?

And when I come home to the door she sure is to close the door for me.

Has she become a vegertarian or what? Or is it Norwegian Mouse Protection Association which has set restrictions for this unannounced doorholding? I growl loudly to mother in the door who is just so ungrateful, I tell her it is not for you this is for father !, Move, I’m going in!

But no, flip flappdoor is locked and mother are determined and say «Nei, din farskens …( wich is not very nice to say), no more mice, I dont have have time for this» and I murmur even more loudly, ‘move you I have got fresh mouse beef. You have had 3 mice previously and now I’ll share a little with my father! »

Here we stood in the doorway, quite disagree about who was right and to demonstrate who is right, I ate the mouse so she could just stand in the doorway to repent. When I was finished I sent one sharp tiger glance up at the door and licked me properly satisfied around the mouth, while I burped a perfectly small mouseburp direction door. She could have it her way, nothing left anyway

Heard all the door locks were opened and mother disappeared from the window. She probably thought that mice party is over. But I will serve father too a little mouse beef, it is after all Father’s Day this weekend and then it must be super with a mouse beef.

So I stretched my pusongebody well, sharpened my claws on a suitable terrace furniture before heading for a new mouse hunting round. I took a little peek backside of the same mousehole. This must be the boy most gullible mouse family throughout Tigerforest. Do they really belive it is safe to just walk around here beeping of mouse life, in my Tiger Forest? The family does not last til over Christmas to mew that way. And of course, before the mice had ever said a peep, so I ran home with yet another mouse catch. Today 5. mice on kitty! Only in a few moments an ordinary Saturday morning. It would set a good standard for real mousehunter!

As I looked up at the window, no mother in sight. Ran the fastest possible to flippflappdoor, jumped in at one heartbeat and the head and mouse catch is visible inside the door, I hear father shouted «here kjem`n att.» (here he comes again) And Mom answer ‘He`s got mouse with him? » What an idiotic questions from one who has run off with three mice and closed out the 4 that I ate in defiance. Sure I have mice, this will father have. So is his response: «yes he has, it is alive.» Then I can clearly hear a single word from the office «fan» and so it is absolutely quiet. Think translated into cat language means Hurray( or maybe damn)

Whoho mouseparty! At the same times the mouse between my teeth makes a move in the middle of the living room floor, while I stare happy right at Father. the mouse drops right out of my tigerteeth and sets direction to a cabinet in the living room, I run after, while I hear father yells «mice loose in the living room.» and mother answers echoed from office «fanfanfanfan» I think that means the same as «hurray hurray hurray» Mother came flying down on all fours and as we lay side by side to look under the cabinet. She glanced at me and then came the «fool.» Father, I came with a very fresh mouse, so she’ll have frog, not a little pretentious sort. We took different hunting methodes, I ran from short side to short side. Mother fit long side, while father standing behind, watching
mus9 mus10 mus11

But Mom is both deaf and blind, the mouse is nowhere where she looks, so father retrieves flashlight. So I should not have to run around on false claims. Far cry constantly «I can see her, I can see her» and mother running back and forth. She has absolutely no hunting instincts, none, and father sees visions, I’m sure.

Without purpose and suddenly father roars, «she is escaping» .I thought he meant mother, but it was the mouse, which ran behind the couch, tv, table and wood pile with my heard after. At one moment the furniture is in the middle of the floor and all the sofas, stood upright so I could run under after the mouse. this was a real racermus, a few laps in the living room with mice, pus and mother, while the father stood in the doorway and shouted. A proper mouse party finally had them understood how much fun it is with a proper mouse party. An absolutely purrfect musepusefest with my flock. Pusongehuset looks like a party during Christmas. The sound level was loud there as well. The only thing was that the mother had now flashlight in one hand and a fishing rod in the other.


A fishing rod for mouse hunt…. she thought it would bite the hook or she had thought to use it as skewers?. Mother was again under the cabinet and put the fishing rod for the mouse so it came scurrying out and straight into the kitchen. Father had disappeared, and I took responsibility as the only guy in the house, and darted after, with mother with a fishing rod and flashlight running behind

the little mouse wentunder the kitchen sink, where there is no way to reach it. But mother tore up a plank and pushed me under and told me to clean up my mouseparty. But the mouse had disappeared. So I came crawling out with undone case. Party is party, but now I think it was over for today.

Mother cleaned up, but she don`t trust my hunting skills, so she sat up a mousetrap with some nice treats for the mouse before we went out for a trip.

When we came home the mousetrap was untouched, or at least almost.. the treat was gone, so the little guy had obviously had a party on his own. It was almost as I could hear him laughing from under the kitchen counter… Hours had passed, and everyone went to bed, except me, I was guarding the kitchen.
mus13 mus15 mus14

Early Sunday morning, the mouse came sneaking out, but I just observed it, untill it ran behind the fridge,
mus39 mus38

then I quickly ran after it and before anyone could say jump we were both on top of the fridge

all the boxes mother had placed uponthe refrigerator flew down to the kitchen floor, and 0.3 seconds later mother stood in the kitchen with hair all messy. Poor mouse was so frightened, that it flew from the top of the refrigerator as a bat through the kitchen, while I failed so as to fling a tiger paw after it. Elegant muse landing right in front of the hole it came out of, and darted into safety under the kitchen sink. Here I have been mouse guard all night and almost had my hands on it, then comes the mother to scare the crap out of it and mar the lovely mouse hunt for two seconds. So then I have allowed to shake surrendered on head, today I deserve to be served. I had after all made it if she had not come to put off the case. Now it was just forgetting to think that the mouse would get to stick as much as muzzle out from its hidingplace.

Breakfast was served, and so we packed our bag and went to the forest instead. We left the mouse and Dad at home.

Nobody mentioned mice that day, mother spoke something that she did not need to hear m-word that day. Imagine being so grumpy that she had all the mice themselves and not be able to share a little with my father. And then they spoke about that the mouse would probably chew all the wires to all the machines in the kitchen and all that means wash. Imagine being so negative when we have a mouse steak indoors, bloody fresh. that’s like, yes must be the best weekend ever !. But we found out that we could clear some of my ties, nice Sunday chores, or «wait for the mouse work.»
sløyfer3 sløyfer2 sløyfe1

I thought that the best weekend in ages should be celebrated with buns, mousebuns. No mouseparty without mousebuns.
mus34 mus33 20161113_164524

The mousetrap was decorated with a piece of cheese, totally unnecessary if you ask me.

I was supposed to sleep that night,
but I really hoped that the mouse wouldn`t og in the trap, it would be fun to have some company while the parents were at work the next day. But Monday morning woke I mother 05:00 as usual and we both ran down to the kitchen, and yes I was first promoting the mousehole. and mother opened. Damned! the mouse is in the trap!

Hooray Hooray Mom yelled. And then father was also awake. «Have you taken it?» Jupp! responds mother happy. NB: Have skidded mouse so the mouse protection association won`t recognize it »

Well a dead mouse is not as cool as a live mouse. so not exactly the best start to the week then. But imagine that the mouse family still are out in my tigerforest, so I’ll og for a new hunting trip, just have to get mom and dad safely away on the job first. So we can dance on the table and everywhere else, I and mouse or only mouse, we’ll see

Best whishes from Jesperpus, Chief organizer for Hedmark mouse party with success and high mood»

PSSSS …… don’t tell mom about this:
I also want to share a short video from last summer called «A happy moment in Jesperpus life»
Here you can watch mom’s joy when i arrive with a wild mouse, who actually is a housemouse who wanted to say hello to mom.
If you want to listen how a huge joy sounds like when i bring home food, please put the sound ON, loud !